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Ponta Grossa - PR

Ponta Grossa (PR) Municipal Master Plan and Mobility Plan

The revision of the Municipal Master Plan of Ponta Grossa (PR) established a policy of urban development and expansion for the city. It covered areas as infrastructure, zoning, economics, and environmental protection.

After defining the methodology, the analysis diagnosed the municipal problems and potentialities. Then, proposals were set, considering regional relations, historical and cultural patrimonies, and property and environmental aspects.

URBTEC™ also developed the elaboration of the Transport and Mobility Director Plan for Ponta Grossa. The process involved the survey of the diagnosis of urban mobility, the road system, and public transport.

From the analysis, proposals were made contemplating road safety; accessibility; integration of alternative transport; pedestrianization; standardization of sidewalks; and a Trunk-Feeder Transport System.

Some strategies applied were qualitative and Origin-Destination researches, virtual simulations of scenarios and capacity analysis. In addition, more than 40 participatory events were held, such as technical, sectorial, community workshops and public hearings.

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